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Level up your grants game.

The Grants Program Canvas is a visual, easy-to-use tool designed to launch and grow a high-impact grants program.

100+ page Playbook

Downloadable templates, worksheets and step-by-step walk-thrus

Packed with years of expertise and industry insights

We've launched successful grants programs for large ecosystems

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Building a high-impact grants program is hard.

We know how much thinking, time and energy goes into operating a successful grants program. We’ve made it simple.

From 0 to 1 in a couple of hours

We created the Grants Program Canvas to get programs up and running in no time

Plans, simplified

We’ve modularized each step of a grants program to streamline and visualize your game plan

What's inside

See what's inside the handbook

Measuring Your Program’s Success

Learn how to focus on the right key results and indicators that help gauge and grow your program.

Choosing the Right Funding Mechanism

Understand the underlying principles, benefits and drawbacks of different mechanisms.

Planning Payout Processes

Know how to approach payout process with regards to KYC/AML, token-vesting, lock-up periods, and more.

Setting Clear Criteria

Learn how to create effective eligibility criteria to attract the perfect grantee applications.

Understanding Roles & Responsibilities

Gain clarity around “who does what” in your grants program.

Maximizing Engagement

Learn best practices for getting the word out about your program and creating a top-notch experience for grantees.

Plus more

We'll also cover tooling, reporting, disbursements and other key concepts

Experienced operators love the framework

The adaptation of this approach to grant programs is a stroke of genius. This is going to have a significant tangible impact on the quality of programs and their ability to help the organizations running them to scale.

Ben West

Thrive Protocol

We saw good traction with Citizen Grants, but knew we wanted to take it to the next level. We used the Grants Program Canvas to re-evaluate our strategy. While initially designed to launch a program, the canvas proved surprisingly valuable for analysing an existing grants program too.  It forced us to revisit core assumptions and identify areas for improvement. By visualizing our entire grants program, we could see how adjustments in one area could positively impact another.  This holistic view led to a strategic plan for growth and innovation of Citizen Grants.

Kris Decoodt

Gitcoin Citizens Retro Round Manager

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